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Legal Malpractice Insurance

Judge's GavelProfessional Liability Insurance for Lawyers and Attorneys
Obtaining legal liability insurance is a common-sense step for any practicing attorney. As a person who handles court cases every day, you know all too well how litigious our society has become. You’ve probably also seen clients who’ve been victims of malpractice suits and whose lives and financial fortunes have been ruined. Legal malpractice insurance will protect you, your family and your finances if you find yourself sitting in a courtroom for all the wrong reasons.


Legal Malpractice Suits are More Common Every Day
Lawsuits against legal practices are rising every day.  Unfortunately, when clients lose their cases, they sometimes decide to sue their attorneys as a way of trying to pay their legal fees. In
addition, lawyers sometimes face litigation related to workplace issues. Even when these cases have no merit, mounting a defense could cause you to lose their business or, even worse, your personal assets

Risk Management Hotlines Available
Once you’re covered by one of our carriers, you’ll have access to a Risk Management Hotline and website where you will be provided with information regarding risk management and professional liability issues. You can consult with our experienced service providers who will walk you through your next steps – at no cost to you.

Get a Free Legal Liability Insurance Quote
Simply click our “Online Application” button to get your free quote. You’ll fill out a short form and have an estimate of your insurance costs. If you decide to accept the quote, then you will continue with the underwriting process. You’ll have the protection that you need for yourself and your legal practice. Already have legal malpractice insurance? Make sure that you’re getting the best available price before you renew your policy. Attorneys know better than any other insurance customer how liability lawsuits can destroy lives. However, many attorneys assume that they’re immune from liability simply because they’re doing their jobs well. Even if you do nothing wrong, you could still face thousands of dollars in legal bills if you are sued. Make the smart choice to invest in lawyers professional liability insurance today.